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 "You've reached Gansey. I can't come to the phone right now, but if you leave a message, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you."
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Are you okay with Gansey affecting your character's free will? Is he allowed to use his Voice power on yours? Let me know yay, nay or depends!
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"You've reached Gansey. I can't come to the phone right now, but if you leave a message, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you."


Apr. 10th, 2017 10:30 pm
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How am I doing with Gansey? Feel free to leave concrit here! Posts can be anonymous and are screened
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Player Name: Leah
Are you 16 or older: Yas
Contact: plurk: shardsofwinter
Current Characters: Nope
Tag: Richard Gansey

Name: Richard Campbell Gansey III
Canon: The Raven Cycle
Canon Point: Post-kissing Blue
Age: 17

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As someone that grew up extremely privileged, sometimes it’s easy for Gansey not to realize that what he’s doing or saying can be interpreted as condescending, or as taking pity on others, as both Adam and Blue, who grew up not as privileged as him, will point out. He never means to flaunt his family’s wealth though—it just happens sometimes. He learns though, to start realizing and acknowledging his own privilege. His principal motivator is Adam. Whenever Gansey offers to do or buy something for Adam that would make absolutely no dent in his own funds, Adam refuses to accept it, insisting that he doesn’t want any kind of charity. Gansey, however, is seeing it as a way to show he cares for a friend, not as a kind of pity. As the series progresses, he begins to think twice about some of the things he says or does and imagines how it will be interpreted. In that same vein, he can also be oblivious to how his words sound until someone reacts. The first time he meets Blue, he accidentally implies that she’s a prostitute. He doesn’t want to only be seen as someone with money. He wants to actually use it for benefit—such as finding Glendower, and he resents that all some people see is that he’s a “rich Aglionby boy”.

Gansey is doggedly persistent—he’s been on the hunt for Glendower, his king, for the past 7 years, traveling around the world in order to learn more about Glendower himself and where he could possibly be buried. Legend has it that if he’s found and awakened, he will grant wishes. Gansey isn’t even sure what he will wish for at first, but he feels it’s his duty and his destiny to find Glendower after dying and being resurrected because of him.

One side of him that is usually hidden is how passionate he is, which ties into how persistent he is. He is utterly obsessed with his quest for Glendower. The only reason he is in Henrietta, Virginia in the first place, building his whole life there, is because that’s where the journey for Glendower took him. He has moved around, exploring the world, all for his obsession to find this medieval Welsh king that somehow, magically, saved his life. He has a journal that he’s been keeping of his adventures that’s littered with maps and references and diagrams all involving his search. This is likely the reason he also is a chronic insomniac—he can’t get his brain to shut down properly, and so he has issues going to sleep.
Gansey cares about his friends so intensely, it hurts him sometimes and he oversteps his boundaries. While he’s known about Adam’s abusive father for a while, Gansey keeps trying to get Adam to just pick up and leave, almost begging Adam to get away from there, offering him space in their warehouse where he, Ronan and Noah stay. He can’t stand to see his friends hurt—one of the reasons at first he didn’t want to date Blue. He didn’t want to hurt Adam, as she had broken up with him recently. Even though Adam went on to press charges against his father and Adam didn’t tell Gansey nor Ronan about when the trial was, Gansey (and Ronan) both showed up to be his support. After what appeared to be a suicide attempt from Ronan, Gansey, when Ronan is missing, panics, thinking Ronan is trying to hurt himself once more. When Ronan is about to be expelled from Aglionby, Gansey secretly bribes administration to keep him. Gansey believes in Ronan and his capabilities so intensely, and doesn’t believe that he should suffer further because he’s acting out after his family was torn apart. Gansey, in the ultimate showing of love for his best friends, sacrifices himself in order to stop a demon from corrupting them that would ultimately lead to their demise.

He is also very intelligent—he makes high marks in school, is a classic teacher’s pet. He knows exactly how to engage his teachers and gets on their good sides. He’s Aglionby’s Golden Boy. Considered a model student, it makes people wonder how he can be such good friends with someone like Ronan Lynch, school troublemaker.
When Gansey was 10, he was killed by hornets before being resurrected. He still suffers from panic attacks due to this, triggered by something as simple as an insect flying near him. He also suffers a component of PTSD as well, his brain capable of cruelly thrusting him back into that situation where he could feel his throat closing as the hornets stung him.

As someone privileged that grew up in a household concerned with politics, it’s easy to see why and how Gansey picked up a need for other people to like him. He seems to put on “masks” in different social settings, adapting to different situations and reading people’s body language and responses in order to shape his next reply. It’s only because he lets more of his true self show around his friends that Blue could mention that there were “Two Ganseys”. Other people don’t realize that he has a less polished side to him. However, even in front of his friends, Gansey pretty tightly controls his responses, not letting his guard down completely too often. He doesn’t want other people to see him distressed or undone—he’s the leader, he can’t afford to break or appear weak, even going so far as to hide his anxiety attacks regarding his brush with death.

Gansey has a commanding presence, both demeanor and personality. When he and his friends enter a room, he is usually easily identified as the leader of the group—he’s levelheaded and everyone else seems to defer to him.

His quirks include chewing on mint leaves and when he’s distracted enough and when he’s around comfortable company and distressed or pensive, he will put his thumb to his bottom lip.


-Gansey is an explorer and will want to travel around to the different planets
-His family-by-choice is all here though and he will not be gone long and/or will want to bring them with him. He loves them all too much.
-Will likely live at St. Monmouth

Abilities/Skills: Gansey is mostly skilled in the ways of interacting with people as the son of two politicians and growing up in Washington, D.C. He is excellent at navigating social situations and knows how to utilize his “masks” to his advantage. He is persuasive. His commanding presence and overall likeability make him a natural leader.

As with the rest of the group, he seems to have an odd power: He can command things to Be or to Happen. While it can’t be triggered all the time and only with conviction and belief, he can issue an order, and the universe makes it happen somehow. It is not something he uses often or even thinks to use in the first place.

Strengths/Weaknesses: List them here; they are used to determine appropriate job placement and do not need to be overly detailed.

+capable leader
+good at research
+loves/cares deeply for/is fiercely protective of his friends

+/- the “dad friend”

-unaware of his privilege
-Hides behind/puts on “masks”
-can seem distant
-oversteps other people’s personal boundaries
-panic attacks

-cell phone
-expensive, brand-name watch
-Cargo pants, polo shirt, an Aglionby sweater and top siders


Network Sample:

[The feed turns on and a handsome teen with brown hair and hazel eyes, mildly muscular build, and a small, polite smile, appears on screen and sits back to more squarely look into the camera. It seems like he’s a natural at appearing on screen like this, composed, like this isn’t a big deal to him despite being brand new here.]

Hi there. My name is Richard Gansey III, though just “Gansey” is preferred.

[In the background is a huge open room…it looks like a warehouse. Though there are home furnishings around—he’s sitting on a bed and in the background are bookshelves full, a desk, a nightstand.]

I’d like to speak to anyone that knows where there’s a compilation of the different worlds one can travel to. I’m interested in learning as much as I can. Thank you in advance to anyone willing to help me.

Prose/Action Sample: TDM


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